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What Good Can A Dollar Do?

One small act creates huge impact

Your donation helps Hand in Hand keep delivering transformative, science-backed tools that transform families. We provide support for over 22k parents in our online groups, and we offer 300+ articles on the Hand in Hand website. Your gift today funds that work through 2022.

If you believe every child deserves to feel secure, loved and protected, please give today.


Dollar for December One-time Donation

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Give a dollar this December and you’ll help parents who want to do better do better.

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Why Help Parents?

Parenting is one of the most important roles in society, and yet it remains largely invisible, with no training and little support. Poverty, judgment, guilt and isolation destroys a parent’s ability to nurture. You can change that. Hand in Hand celebrates all that parents give daily. Our online groups and free resources are places parents can make change in a supportive, safe space. 

Do you see, support and celebrate parenting?

Your dollar donation helps in so many ways.


Why you should donate?

Your dollar today nurtures parents as they begin connected parenting, giving them tools and support. After that? There’s so much still to do. Donations fund scholarships and free classes. We also need gifts to fund teacher training and curriculum that will realise the dream of creating more trauma-informed classrooms.


Where do your dollars go?

Unlike other global nonprofits, we can afford to pay just 8 core staff to run the organisation. Your dollars help fund even small daily initiatives – like paying instructors to moderate our free Facebook support group, and sponsors outreach for parents. We may be small, but you help us be mighty. That’s why even $1 counts.


Past gifts keep giving

In the last 10 years, your gifts have helped fund programs in underserved communities, with teenaged moms, with incarcerated parents, new immigrants, adoptive families, and in schools. Hand in Hand has helped thousands of families grow all over the world. Your gifts help us keep programs free or cost-friendly for all parents.


Did you know? Hand in Hand Parenting is a 2021 Great NonProfits top non-profit award holder.

Your donation is more important now than ever.

Studies show that a strong emotional bond between caregivers and children is a child’s best defence against drugs, violence and other societal concerns.

Your gift today helps parents nurture that bond. Please give today.

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