Instructor Fee

$1.00$51.00 / month


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$51/month What an Active Instructor previously paid for Hub Dues ($132), Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($300), and Retreat ($180). $612 annually.
*This is the Fee Level that covers the actual cost of the Instructor Program. If all 170 current Active Instructors pay at this level, the program will be fully self-supporting.*

$36/month What an Active Instructor previously paid for Hub Dues ($132) and Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($300). $432 annually.

$21/month The 2021 Scholarship (and Translator) Level Hub Dues ($60), Retreat ($60), and Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($120). $252 annually.
This is also approximately what Lead Translators paid

As an Active Instructor You Can…

  • Access all the benefits available to you as an Instructor (valued at over $6,500/year or $550/month)
  • Participate in as many meetings and trainings as you'd like
  • Contribute and be a part of our community-building events
  • Teach as few or as many classes as you'd like without affecting your Active Instructor status
  • Attend as much or as little training, depending on your own requirements and schedule
  • Get support and make contacts during the annual virtual Retreat
  • Easily report on your monthly instructor activities in 5 minutes (probably less!)

And all at a cost that works for you, made in a simple, automated monthly payment.

I Agree to the 2022 Instructor Agreement.

We are making 3 big changes to our Instructor Program…

1: Active Instructor Requirements

Specific types or amounts of work or engagement are no longer required, and will not affect your Active Instructor status (even if you do no work). We do still require that you regularly report on these (even if none), and we will do our best to make this REALLY easy for you. (See below)

2: One Instructor Fee Only

All previous fees including Hub Dues, Licensing Fees and the Retreat Fee that were paid separately have been eliminated. Instead, all fees have been combined into one easy monthly Instructor Fee at a cost you decide works for you.

3: New Monthly Fee Payment Structure

Your Instructor Fee will now be paid monthly, using a recurring automated payment that lets you spread costs through the year. There are five pre-set levels for payment (3 of which are based on what instructors were paying previously.) You can independently change your monthly Fee level at any time. Here's information about the 3 fee levels that correspond to previous payment levels…

Monthly Approximately Equivalent to Yearly Equivalent
$21 the Previous Scholarship Level

  • Hub Dues ($60)
  • Retreat ($60)
  • Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($120)
$36 what an Active Instructor previously paid for

  • Hub Dues ($132) 
  • Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($300).
$51*  what an Active Instructor previously paid for

  • Hub Dues ($132) 
  • Licensing Fees for one Starter Class ($300)
  • Retreat ($180)

*This is the Fee Level that covers the cost of the Instructor Program. If all 170 current Active Instructors pay at this level, the program will be fully self-supporting.*

We value each and every instructor, so we don’t want there to be any financial barrier to your participation in this community. We do not want this change to mean that you decide not to be an Active Instructor for purely financial reasons. If none of the 5 pre-set levels make sense to you for your situation, for any reason, we invite you to set this at a cost that makes most sense for you and your work. Please e-mail and we can create a payment level for you.

More Information about the Instructor Program Redesign

Hand in Hand is initiating a big experiment in 2022 and we are looking forward to your engagement and feedback! We want to 

  • continue to build a well-connected and well informed Instructor community. 
  • make it easier for Instructors to access the available benefits and participate in the training, support and community-building events we offer.
  • financially support our Instructor Program and efficiently use our administrative resources. The Instructor Program costs approximately $105,000 per year ($8,800 per month). So far in 2021, income from Instructors (Hub Dues, Licensing Fees, Retreat Fee) is $36,226 ($3,293 per month).  Currently, income from Instructors covers approximately 39% of the cost of the Instructor Program.

Remember as you are reading through all of this, you decide the amount of your Instructor Fee, so the financial cost of maintaining Active Instructor status can stay exactly the same for you if you choose. We hope you will take a look at 

  • the benefits, resources, support and training we provide to Active instructors; 
  • the costs of maintaining this Program; 
  • your own financial situation and that of the families and communities you support; 

and choose whatever level of the monthly Fee that makes sense for you. 


Active Instructor Benefits

Community  Value

Total: $1050 + priceless

Virtual Retreat Attendance

Will be offered at times that allow Instructors in every region to attend at least some portion of the retreat

Instructor Google Group Membership 

moderated by Patty

Facebook Instructors Group Membership 

moderated by Juli

Monthly Instructor Newsletter $120/year 
*NEW* Instructor Google Calendar

Which will have all events for instructors in one easy-to-get-to place

Instructor Hub Access

A vast archive of the collective wisdom of Patty and all of our Instructors over 30+ years about anything and everything you could ever need

Monthly Training and Support Calls 

provided by 

  • Regional Director Ravid Aisenman (Africa, Asia and Europe) 
  • Regional Director Kirsten Nottleson (the Americas) 
  • Regional Leader Anna Cole (the UK)
Being a part of the Instructor Community 

Cumulatively, our community of 170 active instructors has over 1,200 years of experience

Receiving the support of the Instructor Community when you really need it   Priceless
Teaching Value

Total: $300+

No more Licensing Fees for Starter Classes! 

Free registration for the online Starter Class classroom for Instructors’ students


$300/1 class of six

*NEW* Free registrations for all Self-Guided Classes

If you lead a support group that goes with a Self-guided class, your students get the class for free. Previously, a student had to pay for the class separately, and Instructors could use an affiliate link to get a commission. We will be discontinuing the affiliate program. 

Professional Development Value

Total: $1,140

Monthly Hub Call

Hand in Hand provides training around the issues, communities, and knowledge important to our Hand in Hand work

Open Forum Call

Instructors have the opportunity to share their work, network with other Instructors, build collaborative relationships around interesting projects, and connect with Hand in Hand staff to ask questions about policy, procedures, resources and support.

Journal Club

We read and discuss Journal Articles related to the theory, practice and research base of Hand in Hand to build a research-informed Instructor community.

*Coming Soon* Parent Club Mentoring program  $360/year
Marketing Support Value

Total: $4,100

Profile Listing on Hand in Hand’s website 

*assuming you make contact with one person per month from the website and just one of those 12 people takes a class with you

Training: 6-week Outreach Class $300/course
Training: Annual 1-hour marketing planning meeting $100
Training: Drop-in outreach office hours $100/hour
Marketing Support for classes and events 

listing on website and events mailer

Business Marketing Materials

  • Hand in Hand e-mail address
  • Business cards template 
  • Event flier templates

100 free downloads a year of Listening to Children Booklets set to share with your community

Social Media Support 

for free classes and events in addition to above Marketing support 

Opportunity to publish on the Hand in Hand 

  • Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook page 



Active Instructor Requirements

YES – Reporting to Hand in Hand

  • Instructors will continue to be required to report their Hand in Hand Work. 
  • Reporting will now happen monthly. Every month (beginning in February 2022), you will find a link in the Instructor Newsletter that will take you to a simple form that will allow you to report on your work and engagement activities for the previous month. Our goal is to help everyone quickly (<5 min) and easily report on their activities every month. You need to report even if you have done no Hand in Hand work and haven’t attended anything. You will be able to easily choose ‘none’ and that will count as your reporting for that month.

YES – Paying a monthly fee

  • Instructors will no longer pay individual fees for: 
    • Hub Dues
    • Licensing Fees
    • Retreat Fees
  • Instructors will now pay an automatically-recurring monthly Instructor Fee which will cover access to all: 
    • materials 
    • resources 
    • training 
    • support
  • Instructors will be able to select from one of five preset Fee amounts (3 are based on what instructors were paying previously.) You can independently change your monthly Fee level at any time. 

YES – Actively use the Hand in Hand approach

  • Recommended – have at least one Listening Partnership with another Instructor, and/or participate in a support group led by an Instructor.
  • Adhere to the guidelines, policies and procedures outlined in the Instructor Handbook…Instructor Handbook.11.2019 (We hope to update this over the next year)
  • Personal Use of the Hand in Hand Tools
  • Use Hand in Hand’s listening tools for yourself and in your relationships (i.e. exchange listening time with another adult regularly, use Special Time, Staylistening, Playlistening and Setting Limits with the children in your life).

OPTIONAL – Teaching a Starter Class every year

  • Hand in Hand Work is now more broadly defined. See FAQ section below.
  • For calendar year 2022, Instructors will not be required to complete a specific number of hours of Hand in Hand Work to be considered Active.
  • Instructors will no longer be required to teach one Starter Class per year.

OPTIONAL – Community Engagement, Training & Support

  • Instructors are strongly encouraged (but not required at this point) to engage in Instructor Community Events (Annual Virtual Retreat, Hub Calls, Open Form Calls, Journal Club Meetings, Marketing Trainings) and Instructor Training and Support Calls provided by our Regional Directors and Regional Leaders.
  • For calendar year 2022, Instructors will no longer be required to participate in a specified number of hours of Community Engagement, Training and Support, but will be required to report on these activities monthly through a reporting link in the Instructor Newsletter.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we trying out a new Instructor Program Design?

Clarifying the actual costs of Instructor Training and Support helps us become financially self-sustaining.  We want to make sure we are providing the kinds of Training and Support that Instructors need, value, and can support financially.

It also helps us figure out the donor/fundraising support we might like to secure to supplement Instructor contributions if our current Instructor cohort is not able to fully financially support the Program.

At the end of 2022, we will evaluate what benefits instructors used, what training and support resources they participated in, what Hand in Hand work they did, and what Instructors as a whole were able to fund financially. We will decide which benefits/resources/services we want to continue, and can be covered by Instructor Fees from our current Instructor cohort. We may eliminate elements of the program so we can be self-funded and/or we may seek donor support to close the gap between the cost of providing these services and the ability of Instructors to fund them.

Why does the Instructor Support Program cost so much? 

It takes over 2,000 hours a year to provide all the benefits we offer to Instructors. That’s a lot of time, equivalent to just over 1 full-time person dedicated to supporting instructors. Paying people for the time they provide accounts for $92,000 of the expenses of the Instructor Program. The other $13,000 or so is to pay for all the tools that we use to deliver the program. 

What were the Previous Active Instructor Requirements?

The following might help you determine your Fee level moving forward if you take into account what you have previously been expected to pay to Hand in Hand as an Active Instructor…

  • Financial ($432 year/$36 month without Retreat)(with Retreat $612 year/$51 month)
    • Pay Hub Dues ($132/yr or $11/mo)
    • Pay Licensing Fees for one Class (Starter Class Licensing Fees are $50 per participant; assuming a class of 6 people this would be approximately $300/yr or $25/mo)
    • Retreat ($180 year or $15/mo) (optional)
  • Hand in Hand Work
    • Teach one Class
    • Give one free Talk or Study Group per year for parents in an underserved population
    • Report Program Work hours
  • Community Engagement, Training & Support
    • Listen to at least two Podcasts, Teleseminars, or Hub calls each year
    • Attend at least one quarterly Instructors Connect meeting each year (no longer being offered; material is addressed in monthly Hub Calls and monthly Instructor Newsletter)

Why did we remove the requirement to teach a Class?

Broadening the definition of Hand in Hand Work recognizes the varied ways that Instructors teach our tools, provide support to individuals, and support the organization.

Hand in Hand work may involve… 

  • Teaching any of the structured curricula we offer
  • Teaching Hand in Hand in other venues or through other formats
  • Working one-on-one with people
  • Giving talks
  • Providing consultation/mentoring to other Instructors or Candidates
  • Volunteering for Hand in Hand
  • Serving on Hand in Hand’s Board or Committees 

We continue to encourage you to devote some of your program work to reduced or no-fee services for people in underserved communities if you are able. 

Why am I required to report even if I don’t do anything? What will happen if I don’t report? 

We need to track the activities of our Active Instructors to determine what services, benefits and supports are being utilized and to understand what kinds of work Instructors are doing so we can tailor the Instructor Program to this community.  If we are not ultimately fully self-funded, it also helps us when we talk to donors about financially supporting our Instructor Program. Also, hen we apply for research grants we have to quantify the reach and impact of our organization, so we will be carefully tracking this information over the next year as we start applying for grants to fund the Research Program. 

We know that reporting has been somewhat cumbersome in the past so it has been hard to capture the full impact of the work we do. Often we haven’t known if work was being done and just not reported. This will continue to remain a requirement of maintaining Active Instructor status, but it will be much easier to do! We hope that this will take less than 5 minutes per month and that you will provide good feedback about the process so we can make sure it is as easy as possible for everyone.

Why can’t I pay annually? 

It is a tremendous amount of work for staff to track annual contributions of Hub Dues from instructors. It is also a bit of a logistical hassle for both Instructors and Hand in Hand to arrange for payment of licensing fees. Monthly payments are easier for budgeting and cash flow. The new automatic monthly payment will be much easier for Hand and Hand to track and administer. 

Recurring monthly payment of Instructor Fees will…

  • Allow Hand in Hand to make our income stream more predictable
  • Reduce administrative costs related to managing Instructor Hub renewals
  • Eliminate logistics for Instructors and administrative costs related to payment of Licencing Fees
  • Allow Instructors to adjust their contribution at any time to be responsive to changes in their financial situation, rather than having to come up with a lump sum once a year.

What if I don’t have a credit card or am unbanked? 

If you do not have a credit card and/or are unbanked and cannot pay at least $1 a month, we can talk with you about waiving the financial requirement for being an Active Instructor.

How does this change the way that I teach the Starter Class and any other curricula?

Your students will enroll in the classroom with a code specific to you and will not pay anything directly to Hand in Hand. You no longer need to pay Licensing Fees for your students. You will continue to set your own fees for all services and students will continue to pay you directly. 

Policy Clarification: If you are teaching a Starter Class, all participants, whether in-person or on-line, should enroll in the on-line Starter Class classroom. You still get to decide if/how you want to use those materials in your class and students get to decide if/how much of the material they want to access from the classroom. For example, some instructors have people watch Patty’s teaching videos and use class time for Q & A and listening time. Some instructors don’t have their students watch those videos and instead teach that material themselves. You can still use those videos or not when teaching your class. We no longer provide print copies of the materials; all Starter Class materials are now provided through the on-line classroom.

How does teaching using the Self-guided classes work? 

A number of Instructors have started building-in mentoring and support around the Self-Guided classes. So you could use these classes as the curricula for your group and offer Q & A/Listening calls alongside these classes. Join in on Hub Calls and Open Forum Calls to hear more about how Instructors have been using these resources and get inspired!

Will I still be able to get affiliate commissions from self-guided classes? 

No, we are discontinuing the affiliate program. You will be able to give your students a code specific to you and they can sign up for any Self-guided Class. They will no longer have to pay a fee to Hand in Hand. You can build the cost of these classes into the cost of your class/teaching and now keep 100% of that rather than just the affiliate percentage. Or you can keep the cost of your classes the same and this will be an extra benefit to your students.

What if I was receiving a discount on Licensing Fees for translating materials?

Previously, Lead Translators have been offered 50% off the Licensing Fee for Classes. Other Translation Team members have been offered 25% off of the Licensing Fee for Classes. So, for example, if a Lead Translator previously taught one Starter Class of 6 people they would pay $150 to Hand in Hand in Licensing Fees rather than $300. Translators will no longer be required to pay any Licensing Fees at all, as we are eliminating these fees. Translators, like all Instructors, can just  choose a Fee level that feels appropriate. Please contact us if none of the pre-set Fee levels work for you and we can set you up with a custom monthly amount ($1 or more).

Will our Retreat continue to happen virtually?

Hand in Hand will continue to offer an annual virtual Retreat for all Instructors. Regional Directors, Regional Leads and others can and will continue to offer regional retreats and gatherings that people will pay for separately.

What if I live in Australia? Will there be support calls for me? 

We are working hard to make all benefits available no matter where you live and to ensure that every Instructor has at least one monthly Training and Support call they could attend. Right now you are welcome to attend any of the Instructor Support and Training calls offered by Kirsten, Ravid and Anna, and we are hoping to add more calls in 2022.

What if I am in the UK and attend Anna Cole’s Instructor Training and Support Call(s)?

Instructors in the UK currently split the cost of these calls with Hand in Hand; the cost will be fully covered by Hand in Hand moving forward.

Will this be it? Will there be any more changes? 

We will be closely tracking and evaluating all of these changes over the course of 2022. We really want to hear about your experiences so we can make good modifications in the future (or quickly if anything isn’t working well). If you want to make sure that benefits that are important to you continue to be available, you can ‘vote’ to keep them by coming to events, reporting on your use/engagement monthly, and letting us know what you appreciate. As we decide what components to keep/add/phase out, your feedback is essential. 

Thank you very much for making your way through all this information and thinking carefully about how you would like to participate as an Active Instructor in this amazing community!



Instructor Fee

$1/month, $11/month, $21/month, $36/month, $51/month

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