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All-Class Pass

Trying to decide which self-guided Hand in Hand class to take? Why not take them all! The All-Class Pass gives you full access to all the topics and you can go at your own pace one at a time or mix and match depending on what you need at the moment.


Wondering which self-guided Hand in Hand class to take? Now you can have them all.

With the All-Class Pass, you get access to all seven self-guided classes. Go through them one at a time, or skip between class segments as needed for your family. No need to rush through, the All-Class Pass doesn't expire. (When you're ready for that Tweens class, it will still be there waiting for you!)

You get full access to all the materials, videos, and downloads for:

  • Setting Limits & Building Cooperation
  • Helping Your Child with Aggressive Behavior
  • Taming Sibling Rivalry
  • Say Good-bye to Separation Anxiety
  • Helping Children with Bedtime and Sleep
  • Raising Happier Tweens: Staying Close and Enjoying Your Connection
  • Reducing Parent Stress: Building a Listening Partnership

If you purchased each of these classes separately, you would spend over $400. But when you get your All-Class Pass, you'll enjoy all the self-guided Hand in Hand classes–at your own pace–for a fraction of the price. And, if a new self-guided class becomes available, your pass qualifies you to first access at no extra cost.

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