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Sibling Rivalry class for parents

Taming Sibling Rivalry

Believe it or not, your children want to get along and love each other. But they need your help to build a healthy relationship.

tweens parenting class

Raising Happier Tweens: Staying Close and Enjoying Your Connection

Are you starting to see some new ‘attitude’ or feeling your child withdraw or suddenly blow up? Have you been wondering how to use the Hand in Hand tools as your young one turns into a tween? What does it look like to set healthy limits with a tween?

Listening Partnerships online class with Hand in Hand Parenting

Building a Listening Partnership

What would it be like if, when you get exhausted or are on the verge of yelling at your kids, you could push a button and the stress of parenting would melt away? Imagine packing up your frustrations and handing them off to another person. Someone who could handle your biggest feelings, your pent up anger or tears.

Online sleep class for parents Hand in Hand Parenting

Helping Your Children with Bedtime and Sleep

Are bedtime struggles with your child leaving you exhausted? Do you lose your patience or feel like you have to “be mean” to get your kids into bed on time? Parents work hard and you need your rest too.

Online class for parents called Setting Limits and Building Cooperation

Setting Limits & Building Cooperation

Proven tools to set healthy limits in a way that connects you and your child and fosters cooperation in your family, for parents of toddlers, preschoolers, and young children.

Hand in Hand Parenting shop online classes all class pass

All-Class Pass

Trying to decide which self-guided Hand in Hand class to take? Why not take them all!

The All-Class Pass gives you full access to all the topics and you can go at your own pace one at a time or mix and match depending on what you need at the moment.

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