online parenting class to help with anger and aggression

Helping Your Child with Aggressive Behavior

Reduce anger, foster cooperation, and raise a kind, caring & confident child.



Listen as Patty Wipfler explains this powerful approach: When your child acts aggressively, it can be stressful, embarrassing and hard to see.  The good news is that there are simple things you can do at home to calmly and patiently limit aggressive behavior, and turn it around. 

The Hand in Hand Parenting tools in this class give you everything you need to reduce anger, foster cooperation, and raise a kind, caring & confident child.

If your child:

  • Lashes out at others
  • Hits, scratches, or bites themselves or others
  • Tries to hurt you
  • Gets in trouble at playdates, school or daycare

This class will help. 

By understanding the reasons behind your child's aggression, and when it happens, you'll be able to apply the tools and understanding they need to stop.

Class includes:

  • Information about why some children hit, kick, bite, or yell
  • Tools you can use daily to build warmth and connection into your day so that cooperation comes more easily
  • How to help your child when they triggered to hit or become aggressive
  • How to use play, laughter and silliness to help your child overcome their aggression
  • Ways to help your child so they aren't as easily triggered
  • What to do in the middle of a meltdown to help your child regulate
  • Setting limits on aggressive behavior safely, so no-one gets hurt
  • How reframing your child's behavior actually helps you find your own patience and keeps your relationship strong
  • How to keep loving, giving and caring for your child even when you have no fuel in your tank

See what's included:

  • Instant access to 15 Instructional Videos ($79 Value)
  • 9 “Listening to Children” e-booklets ($29 value)
  • Unlimited Access, learn at your own pace

After class, you can expect:

  • Big shifts in your child's ability to share and play with others
  • Your child cooperates well and willingly
  • Teachers and family members notice how well your child is doing
  • Your child is able to express their needs without lashing out, and has a much more positive outlook
  • Increased play and laughter at home
  • More warmth and generosity in the relationship you share with your child
  • Parenting feels easier and more joyful

What Parents Are Saying

I was so sad when my kids were not getting along and my oldest was hitting and biting, particularly because I had read so many books and was from the beginning practicing attachment parenting and positive discipline. After my first try using what I learned in this class they played together. I mean, really, they played together. They had never done that. That was the beginning of an amazing shift in their relationship and in my relationship with my daughter.  

– An Amazed Mom in Texas
In just a few weeks, we have noticed an incredible shift in our whole family dynamic. Thank you for giving me the idea and permission to play with my son in silly ways. It felt so good to know it is okay to play with my kids! We were both happy and that connected feeling carried over to him helping cook dinner, share with his baby sister, and go to sleep easily. Really amazing stuff!

– A mother of two, Portland, Oregon

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