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Raising Happier Tweens: Staying Close and Enjoying Your Connection

Are you starting to see some new ‘attitude’ or feeling your child withdraw or suddenly blow up? Have you been wondering how to use the Hand in Hand tools as your young one turns into a tween? What does it look like to set healthy limits with a tween?


Hand in Hand is glad to share our first class for parents of preteens. It has all the trusted and proven parenting tools of our previous classes, and it shows you how to apply them to new challenges in your parenting, like dealing with “attitude” or feeling your child withdraw from family life.

This class is intended for parents of 9-to-13-year-olds, but other parents are welcome. Most parents will spend around 3 weeks working through the class but you can go at your own pace and review whenever you like.


You'll learn about

  • Your tweens changing needs and your changing role
  • Five Listening tools that build and repair connection
  • The growing challenges faced by tweens
  • How to bring healthy limits
  • Ways to meet challenges like Homework, Screen Time, or Pornography
  • And building strong support for yourself and your parenting

What you'll get

  • 15 Instructional Videos (15-20 min each for easy retention)
  • Instant access to class videos and reading materials
  • Unlimited access 24/7 for a year
  • 9 “Listening to Children” e-booklets ($29 value) plus the bonus e-book Supporting Adolescents


  • No previous knowledge required – You will be taken step by step through the different concepts, models and techniques presented in the course
  • No specific materials are needed for this course. Taking notes is recommended
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