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Hugs and Thanks for 2018

What a year it’s been! In 2018, Hand in Hand reached more parents than ever. Over 17,000 parents took part in our parent support groups. We now have over 10,000 parents in our Parent Support Group on Facebook. In June, we re-launched our paid membership, the Hand in Hand Parent Club, with a dedicated website,

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My Own Sweet Success Story with Respectful Parenting

“When I first started my Hand in Hand Parenting journey, I used to wish for success stories. Fast-forward 4.5 years, and here I am to share my own. I hope this helps someone know that Hand in Hand really does work!  For the second time in as many weeks, my 8-year-old son has shown some off-track

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When Playing Poop was Suddenly “OK”

  One point of difference between Hand in Hand and other parenting approaches is recognizing laughter and play as a way to relieve tension. So often, play is overlooked as a parenting tool, but here we see the amazing way play brought one parent and a bunch of kids together. The Day When We Played

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