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How To Keep Calm Even on School Day Mornings

Is getting ready for school making you all stressed every morning? Do you find yourself screaming “We’re gonna be late!”… …only to find your son still sitting around in his pyjamas? Do you ask yourself why you have to ask them 300 times to do something? Do you feel panic rising at the thought of being late?

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Establishing Good Listening Partnerships and Knowing When to Move On

Listening Partnerships are a wonderfully supportive way to gain clarity in your parenting. When things at home feel strained, five or 10 minutes with a trusted listening partner can be just what we need to return to our families more open, more creative, and with more energy. Before you begin a Listening Partnership, you might

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One Way to Unblock Stuck Emotions

Listening Partnerships with Emilie Leeks When we first encountered Hand in Hand Parenting, we were struck not only by the non-judgemental, meet-you-where-you-are tone, but also by the practical ideas offered through the Listening Tools. Four of the five tools are aimed at the parent-child interaction, but the fifth tool, Listening Partnerships, is specifically for adults to use

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