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Handling Halloween Howls Using the Hand in Hand Tools

This week: Handling Halloween Using the Hand in Hand Tools So, your kids are fighting over the Halloween candy stash, and their sugar highs (and begging for more) send your blood pressure soaring. Maybe you

Reprise: The Great Halloween Candy Fight

To celebrate the year since the Hand in Hand Parenting podcast launched – and the treat it’s been connecting with a quarter of a million parents all over the globe – Abigail and Elle ring

5 Parenting Tricks To Make Halloween A Real Treat

Halloween is a time for fun, thrills and excitement, but it’s also a time for costumes, candy and chaos. No wonder children can become a little, er, “ghoulish.”

Here’s how you can use Hand in Hand’s Playlistening and Staylistening tools to overcome 5 common Halloween hurdles.

How To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Using Play

By Andrea McCracken My daughter was 7, nearly 8, and developing more concerns about the world. At bedtime, she would lay quietly and think about the mysteries of illnesses, aliens and other potentially scary things. They

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