Handling Halloween Howls Using the Hand in Hand Tools

Handling Halloween Howls Using the Hand in Hand Tools

This week: Handling Halloween Using the Hand in Hand Tools

So, your kids are fighting over the Halloween candy stash, and their sugar highs (and begging for more) send your blood pressure soaring. Maybe you have a child who is scarred by scare season's ghosts and ghouls – or simply refuses to be a part of the festivities.

Have no fear!

Elle and Abigail show you how to handle common Halloween howls using the Hand in Hand tools. Settle back with your pumpkin latte and get tricks you can use to make Halloween the family-centred treat you deserve.

Take a sneak peek into this week's podcast:

  • Why Halloween can bring out the worst in our kids
  • What happens to a child’s brain when they are melting down and how you can respond in a way that reaches and nurtures
  • Which Hand in Hand tools are most useful for handling the Halloween howls
  • Abigail's genius route to peaceful resolutions when two or more kids are going at it
  • How to play your way out of scare season fear and even anger

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Get more great resources for handling Halloween with calm and confidence:

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