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happy holiday with kids

Setting Limits On Holidays – Part 3: Stepping In

In this series we’ve been exploring how to set holidays up for the fun and relaxation time you all deserve.  In Part 1, we saw how kids can go from playing nicely one minute, to a sudden switch into fighting and tears. We covered how this happens when a child loses their sense of connection

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set a holiday connection plan with kids for happy holidays

Setting A Connection Plan In Place For The Holidays

Family holidays can be a special challenge for us parents. It’s good to spend time together. But often getting to the holiday destination can be stressful, and by definition, everyone is tired and worn out to begin with. We parents are often really, badly, in need of some down-time.   And at times like these,

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When a Child Prefers One Parent

It took months to organise, but today you escaped for lunch with two old friends and left your kids with your partner. Secretly, you couldn’t be happier. Your youngest is going through a phase that is really demanding. He says “no,” whenever you ask him to do something, he is constantly asking for things he

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