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Why Should Parents Take A Class?

It’s the most important job we’ll ever take on, but forget about winning awards or recognition when you apply. Parenting is without manuals or certification and there are no real guidelines, except, maybe, to survive.

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10 Tips for More Playful Parenting

Remember the games that YOU loved to play as a child & bring them back into your family. Kids love to hear stories about their parents as children – they will love even more to play the games you played “back in your day.”

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Finding balance in my parenting

a guest post by Skye Munro Being a parent is complex work. Figuring out how you want to raise your children is hard enough, then having to rethink those ideals when you realise it’s not all going to plan can send you spinning. Before having children I knew I wanted to be a “fun mom.”

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Listening to My Son’s Upset Helps Him with a Goodbye

Our week had been really busy, with family visiting, including my two year old nephew. My two children had played really well together with their cousin, however, with my son, there always comes a point in family visits, or holidays where the feelings he has become overwhelming for him. Even excitement, often viewed as a

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Every Child Has Feelings About Mummy Leaving

David and his mum came recently to a Parenting by Connection class series I taught, which included two Play Events. This is where families meet for a couple of hours, and the adults play with children just the way the children want to play. We do lots of Playlistening, where the children are in charge

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