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Two Ways To Stop Your Downward Parenting Spiral

Parents’ intense feelings for their children, the everyday grind of daily life, emotional ties and pressure from society are all big contributors in this topsy-turvy whirl of emotions, she says. “Parenting is emotional work because we love our children so much,” said Patty. “Most parents have never felt that intensity of love before their first child. They would do anything for them. It’s overwhelming.”

Deux moyens pour stopper notre “spirale infernale” quand on est un parent à bout

Les sentiments intenses des parents pour leurs enfants, la routine de la vie quotidienne, les liens affectifs et la pression de la société sont autant de facteurs qui contribuent à ce tourbillon d'émotions, dit-elle. "Être parent est un travail émotionnel parce que nous aimons tellement nos enfants", a déclaré Patty. "La plupart des parents n'ont jamais ressenti cette intensité d'amour avant leur premier enfant. Ils feraient n'importe quoi pour eux. Et cela peut être accablant."

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What is a Listening Partnership and Why Do I Need One?

What is Hand in Hand Parenting?: Day 6 You’ve seen your children release their feelings of hurt and tension. They’re naturals! The minute something challenging happens, they dive right in to expel the tension. With a

What to do When your Child is a Sore Loser

By Andrea McCracken One afternoon my two daughters ‘E’ and “K’ had finished up eating and wanted to play. We settled on bingo, but as the game progressed, E determined that she wasn’t going to

Five Minutes of Listening Turned My Day Around

The other morning I woke up feeling low. I have a problem with the circulation in my legs, and the pain had been bothering me a lot recently. I tended to numb my feelings, eating

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