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When Your Family Doesn’t Like How You Parent

My three-year-old daughter is used to being listened to and being allowed to voice her opinion. However, this was near unacceptable to my mother. Since my mother often takes care of her (thank you, mum) while I am working, the differences can get difficult. When my daughter expresses her unease, my mother generally makes comments

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How To Reconnect with your Child After Time Apart

  Several times when I come to pick up my sons after they’ve spent an afternoon with my mother, one will look at me severely and tell me “Oh! Not you!” Through Hand in Hand Parenting I’ve discovered that these type of responses come when one of my son’s feels our connection is lost, and so I

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How to See When Your Child is Disconnected

I was teaching a Playful Parenting class one night and the topic was how we notice when our children disconnected. One mom volunteered to come up and demonstrate what her son acts like when he is disconnected. She got to move her body a lot and ‘feel’ what it might feel like for him. We all

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