How Healing Old Wounds Helped my Marriage

Brindusa Milasan on Listening Partnerships My kids were with their grandparents and I was spending time with my husband. We were relaxed and talking and everything felt perfect until he mentioned the upcoming marriage of someone that is close to … Continue reading

Kids Know What They Need

By Brindusa Milasan We know that babies cries alert parents to their needs. How else could we know when they need comfort, food, changing? But children are just as in touch with what they need to survive and feel well, … Continue reading

Separation Anxiety: Two Tools That Will Help

A Guest Post by Irina Nichifiriuc In the middle of preparing a free webinar with my fellow Hand in Hand Instructor, Anca Deaconu about Separation Anxiety, The Universe (and my children) decided to give me the perfect opportunity to practice what I preach. … Continue reading

Handling Child Disappointments

  All children experience disappointments, and how they react to them can vary from upsets to rage. Unleashing these feelings of disappointment can be enough to help release the tension, but sometimes kids get stuck. Hand in Hand instructor Anca Deaconu describes how … Continue reading