How to Set Limits with Laughter

A Guest Post by Stephanie Parker My daughter is about to turn nine and I’ve been thinking recently that I’d like her to do more around the house. I haven’t spent enough time making this happen in the past, I’ve … Continue reading

4 Types of Limits That Children Need

In the throes of morning madness, the rush to pack bags and get out the door, it can be maddening hearing your children push back against your limits. “Ugh! I’m not eating oatmeal!” “She took my bag.” “But I don’t … Continue reading

How To Set Limits In Five Words or Less

Even when we bring our best selves, by not shouting, bribing or threatening children when we try and tell them no, setting limits, and having them listened to, still often feels like an uphill struggle. But there’s a simple way … Continue reading

My Child Is Aggressive – What Should I Do?

  How Can I Handle My Child’s Aggressive Behaviors? None of the suggestions in this video with Patty Wipfler include controlling, forcing, or punishing your child. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Watch the video below and you’ll finally have … Continue reading