My Child Is Aggressive – What Should I Do?

young girl acting aggressive


How Can I Handle My Child's Aggressive Behaviors?

None of the suggestions in this video with Patty Wipfler include controlling, forcing, or punishing your child.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Watch the video below and you'll finally have that road map you always wanted for calmer parenting – even in intense moments.

The great thing is, by taking her game-changing advice, you'll also be building a better relationship with your child at the same time.

Takes the Guesswork Out of Parenting Aggressive Behavior

Gain confidence and satisfaction as you learn to create lasting solutions to aggressive behavior.

We'd love to know what surprised you, what you're excited to try out, or something new you learned from this video so please share your comments below!

More Tools and Resources for Responding to Aggression

You can find helpful tools to respond to a child's aggression in the second video Step-by-Step Approach to Intervening in an Aggressive Situation

There is more ideas for responding to your child's aggression in Helping Your Child with Aggression

And Patty's book Listen: Five Tools To Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges is out now on audiobook, ebook and paperback

11 thoughts on “My Child Is Aggressive – What Should I Do?”

  1. I appreciated the wonderful description of building connection but was dissapointed that the video link ended before discovering tools for what to do in the moment when connection breaks down and the child is aggressive.

  2. This is beautiful. Very well explained – as well as exemplified.. Patty’s relaxed demeanor and state of mind really come across in this video, making it that much easier to tune in to one’s own relaxed, sage-like side. Plus, the examples are helpful and hopeful. Thank you for a great resource!

  3. Is this the first in a series? I am desperate for some specific advice about what to do in the moment when my child is hitting and kicking me. I was disappointed that there was not a “road map” though I loved the description of the kind and generous children and do feel more hopeful that I can help my son get back to that place.

  4. Looking for examples that relate to connecting with older children / teens…I can see how the principles remain the same, but concrete examples could help

  5. Lovely starter video but no tools. Not even on YouTube link. Should there be? Was hoping to watch it. Thank you. Helen

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