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An Entirely New Spin on Kids and Sharing

To share, or not to share, is that the question? So many parents in our parent groups and The Parent Club come to us with questions about sharing, it’s a subject that we knew we had

15 Playful Ways To Solve Sibling Rivalry

By Shaheen Merali, and Kate Orson Sibling rivalry is an inevitable challenge of raising more than one child. No matter what the age difference or personalities of the children, sooner or later, every child with

A Playful Response to Helping Children Share

How long can we simply BE with our children, lighting the way to reconnection, without rushing to solve “the problem”? My daughter and her friend were playing well one day until they both wanted the

Listening to My Sons Helps Them Share

My three-year-old and I had a Special Time during my older son’s piano lesson.  When it ended and was time to pick my older son up, my younger son asked if he could get stickers

I’ll Help You Wait

I have been working on how to wait when someone else has something my son wants. It all started with hoping to teach my son how to share and play with other kids without my son hitting. Someone would have something he wanted or other way around. So, I have learned to stay close to help him during these times and hold the limit.

Siblings Give Each Other Special Time

After I had my daughter I didn’t know whether I wanted to have a second child. I didn’t really understand the benefits of having a sibling.

Staylistening – In Stereo

After about 10 minutes, my husband came in and said, ‘how do you know you’re not hurting them or making things worse?’ I had to shout over their wailing that we were on the right track and even predicted that, at the end of all this, one sister would genuinely give the toy to the other.

The Yellow Car

Our older son tore it out of his brother’s hands and said that he was playing with it.

S-P-E-C-I-A-L Time

“Hey, Mom! I can spell ‘because’… and ‘sometimes’…”

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