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How Your Attention Helps Children Play Together

My twin boys and I had gone away for a couple of days together with a friend and her son, plus two close relatives. I’m not sure where the difficulties came from, but at the start of the trip our children couldn’t play together more than two minutes without it becoming tense. It seemed there was always some

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How I Faced Bedtime Fears With Play

My five-year-old son had been having trouble getting to sleep on his own. We had several weeks of him resisting bed time. He didn’t want to be alone in his room and kept coming up with lots things he “had to have” before he could sleep. My husband and I were curious about what had changed, but

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One Simple Way to Build Cooperation with your Child

We’re often terribly frustrated when we try to get our children to cooperate. On this issue, there seem to be two camps. Many of us get so fed up with our inability to control our kids that we give up. We just pick up the toys or clear the table ourselves, but resentment builds over

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Using Special Time To Explore Things That Are Normally Off Limits

I had often heard that Special Time can be used by our children as a way to explore things that are normally off limits with our approval, and  I experienced this recently with my four-year-old son. He had been “experimenting” with the soap in the bathroom for a while. By this I mean he was

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