How Is it Possible to Parent Without Punishment?

“Are your parents strict?” was once the only question that seemed to define parenting. Now we have dozens of labels, from gentle and calm parenting to authoritative and authoritarian. We have tiger moms, positive parents, peaceful parents, even unparents. Hand … Continue reading

One Way to Set a Limit With an Aggressive Child

Hand in Hand’s Laura Minnigerode uses a special limit setting tool called a vigorous snuggle with a child that scratches and grabs. The warmth and smiles she uses while saying “no,” diffuses anger and fosters connection. Here’s how to set a limit with affection even when a child has aggression.

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Is Your Toddler Too Angry to Sleep?

  By Lyra L’Estrange My two-year-old daughter had seemed upset for most of the day. She’d been crying a lot over small things and letting things get to her that normally wouldn’t. She was getting very frustrated when she couldn’t do things … Continue reading