Let Patty Be Your “No More Hitting” Guide


Genevieve Simperingham, Peaceful Parent Institute

I love how Patty has managed to make the information as simple and accessible as possible, considering how challenging these simple concepts are for most parents to put into practice day after day, this accessibility is so badly needed and such a gift to parents.  I love the “No More Hitting” program that Hand in Hand has clearly spent a lot of time developing.

I can’t recommend this program strongly enough to parents, especially those struggling to help a child with their frequent or occasional aggression.  Patty’s decades of experience as a parent, teacher and parent educator infuse all the tools with heart and compassion for children and parents alike.

Patty’s style of delivery gives both great depth of understand and simple clarity to the Parenting by Connection communication skills. I’ve seen the evidence again and again that the tools taught in this program absolutely work to increase harmony, healing and cooperation in the family. Most parents need the kind of help that this program offers and Patty is a truly wonderful, wise and compassionate guide for parents.

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