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parenting your strong-willed child

Why Traditional Discipline Methods Won’t Work With A Strong-Willed Child, And What You Can Do Instead.

Who is this strong-willed child? The strong willed child is an elusive creature. He can assume many shapes and is known by many names, from the affectionate “spunky” and “spirited” to sterner terms such as  “naughty” and “oppositional”. Teachers and educators might consider this child the “troublemaker.” Parents and relatives might call them their “problem

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How to Make Brushing Teeth Fun

My son had been avoiding brushing his teeth for a couple of days before Christmas, and then on Christmas day, he’d eaten more sugary foods than he’s usually allowed. My husband was getting concerned, and as a result I could hear him getting rather heavy handed about tooth brushing and trying to set a limit

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Play with My Preteen: Relieving Pre-Performance Jitters

My preteen son is preparing for his first leading role in a school play, and the pre-performance nerves are really starting to kick in now. I decided that an opportunity to laugh off some of those jitters and have some really good connection time would be a good idea. This morning I took him out

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One Genius Game to Combat “I’m Tired”

You may have noticed that when children say “I’m tired,” they may not always mean it. Sometimes, “I’m tired” actually means “I’m starting to feel some uncomfortable feelings, and I can’t think of any other way to tell you.” If you suspect your child is trying to communicate this the next time you are walking,

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When Kids Words Hurt

  “She’s viciously swearing, venomously shouting horrible things” I explain to my Listening Partner. I am relating the story of my morning; a repetitive recurring interaction between me and my 6 year old daughter. I am talking to my Listening Partner – an acquaintance I speak with weekly. We’ve agreed to give each other 10

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A Bedtime Game Can Help When You Want Your Child To Sleep Solo

You may have dreamed that co-sleeping would be cozy but then found yourself tossing and turning, or you may have dreaded it and still ended up with tiny toes tickling your nostrils each morning. If having children in bed with you isn’t working out, for whatever reason, you might have to help your child through

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Why Are We So Scared of Big Feelings?

When our children express emotion why is it that we want those big feelings to go away, and why is it that crying or tantrums irk us so much? A big part of it may be how our own feelings were dealt with when we were younger.

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How I Released My Fear of The Dentist

As I was crying the pain began to release in my tooth and by the end I didn’t feel any pain at all. The next day it was also better but it was apparent I still needed to go to the dentist because the tooth needed attention.

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