Recording our Success Stories

Photo (C) Rene 2007

We all go through times of exhaustion, stress and feeling tense with our kids. I went through this recently, as I was preparing to give a talk on Setting Limits. My daughter was pushing my buttons constantly and I was at a loss for how to respond. I felt powerless and began to question my ability to parent well.

As I prepared for my talk, I read through my “success stories”. These were moments I recorded during my certification training. Each story presented a challenge I faced, how I responded using the Listening Tools and ended with my daughter and I feeling more connected to each other.

Each story allowed me to see I could set very clear limits with warmth and love.  And most importantly, I was available for my daughter, ready to listen. Suddenly, I didn’t feel hopeless anymore. I was just a parent struggling. I needed some listening time for myself and to remember what a good mom I am.

Take some time to write down your success stories and when you’re having a rough day pull them out and remember what a good parent you are too. You can also share your story here on the blog, send it to us at: info at handinhandparenting dot org.


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