Dad’s Listening Leads to Cooperation


Posted by Cynthia Klein, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, Bridges 2 Understanding

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Several years ago I trained as a parent educator with Hand in Hand and then became the project manager for the development of the Building Emotional Understanding Curriculum. As a private parent educator, I use emotional understanding as the basis of my work. I have a parent coaching client who is fine tuning his setting limits and listening skills wanted to share his success story with you.

Dad's Listening Leads to Cooperation

Being a divorced dad with limited time with my 10 year-old daughter can be challenging and difficult to feel connected. I've been working with Cynthia on learning how to build a solid foundation through working with my daughter rather than trying to control her.

One night we went through a tussle about where we were going to eat, whether the table or in front of the TV. I decided on the table. There was some arguing, name calling and eventually my daughter was crying. I held the limit and listened respectfully. After the cry, she felt ready to come to the dinner table. She was her happy self and we had a long talk about our relatives. I learned that listening to her upset without getting angry brings us closer together.

Later, we were able to make an agreement on TV watching that felt mutually respectful. Because of the skills I've learned, we are having good communication, good times and our days are flowing orderly with balance.

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