How to Set Limits With Your Child

If you’ve been struggling to set limits in a way that works over time and doesn’t lead to rebellion or tantrums, you’re in luck. You’ve finally found the solution you’ve desperately been seeking to give you the results you want to see.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “this just won’t work with my kid”, we feel you. We’ve been there and thought the same thing! Before finding Patty’s approach, we tried lots of “quick fix” solutions, parenting methods, and negotiations – just to get lack luster results.

Maybe you’ve only gotten the results you want with punishment, time-outs, or discipline. You may think that a softer approach mean you’ll get walked all over, or your child will ignore you.

We hear you. And we promise you there’s another way.

If you’ve tried everything in the book and are still struggling to get the behavior you want to see, what have you got to lose?

Try out this powerful combination of tools explained below, even if it’s an experiment, just to see what happens.

We’ve seen thousands of exhausted and frustrated parents use these tools to get lasting revolutionary and transformational results.

We’d love to know what you think. If you tried it out, how did it go? Do you have questions about refining your use of these tools? Do you want to share a success story? Please let us know in the comments below!

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