Is Your Child Hitting, Kicking, Biting? You are not alone! Replay

Aggression TSMHas your child ever lashed out and hurt someone?  Have you had to deal with biting, hitting, pulling hair?  Has another aggressive child ever bothered your child?

If your answer is yes then join the crowd!  It’s a shock to us when our little daughters and sons suddenly pinch someone, or hit their new baby brother or sister on the head. Almost all of us struggle with feeling good about our children and helping them with the underlying feelings that drive them to hurt others.

Join Certified Parenting by Connection Instructors, Anna Cole and Shaheen Merali as we discuss the reasons children lash out, and offer effective tools to use at home so you can turn the hurts into hugs, without either ignoring or exacerbating the behavior with your own responses.

Check out our self-guided class on Helping Your Child with Aggression to further develop these simple tools for fostering lasting love and connection.

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