Your Child Really Does Want to Cooperate

So your child won't listen cooperate when asked to do something? Welcome to messy, loud, real-life parenting! Check out our newest video below to learn how you can playfully bring out the cooperator your child.

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9 thoughts on “Your Child Really Does Want to Cooperate”

  1. my daughter is 4 years old and i’m just in that position of getting her to do things right. she’s a wonderful smart, dynamic, playful child but when it comes to listening to her parents, she loves to do it the other way around 🙂
    i can’t wait to try your tips. they seem like a lot of fun 🙂

  2. i fully believe in the “connection before correction” stance. i have three kids and i see how well connecting with them before asking them to do something works. however, i’m having difficulties with patience to play, because they’re three and by the time i finish with one, i need to go to the next. i do special time with them, but they still need more and more connection. driving and being with them in the car is particularly tough.

  3. Whenever I catch myself getting too frustrated repeating the morning checklist. I tell them that if they don’t listen and do what they are told that I will start speaking French. I brake the bad mood and we can what think of as reset and try again. Can’t always remember to do it, but it usually helps when I do remember to do it.

  4. Great ideas in theory but whether I’ll be able to come up with some wacky game in the heat of the moment remains to be seen… Sometimes I just can’t be bothered – there I’ve said it.. Still I’m hoping the more Handinhand stuff I read and listen to the more it rubs off off on me.. Fingers crossed!

  5. Thank you for this! It is a huge reminder, I expect my kids to wake up and then instantly answer questions and get ready for the day before I even connect with them! I am going to make more of an effort to play more especially in the mornings with them

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