The Great Halloween Candy Fight

Family preparing for halloweenHalloween can be a time for thrills and spills!

Elle and Abigail are talking Halloween tantrums this week. Abigail shares a story about her sons and the sibling squabbles that erupted between them over the amount of Halloween candy each got. She shares the parenting tool that she used to make sure each child felt heard, and how she searched for just the right moment to bring some humor into the situation.

Listen Now: Halloween Parenting: Candy and the Unfairness of It All

Elle and Abigail talk about why the annual Halloween holiday can turn into a parenting nightmare and what to expect, including:

  • Excitement that turns to overwhelm for kids as big groups gather
  • Fear and shyness that can occur when everyone is out in costume
  • Candy – from sharing squabbles and sibling rivalry to limiting that loot, candy can cause lots of disagreements

Abigail shares what happens to a child’s brain when they are melting down, and how to respond to children in a way that supports their emotional development. She introduces two parenting tools called Staylistening and Playlistening that help parents avoid having to yell, bribe or take sides, and allows for a peaceful resolution.

Elle mentions two additional resources in the show:

And you can get a free guide here on Surviving Sibling Rivalry – Every parent with more than one child needs this!

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