Are Natural Consequences Actually Punishment?

parents holding child's hand in post about consequences and punishmentsWhat role do consequences play in your parenting?

On this week's Podcast for Parents Abigail and Elle talk about when consequences become punishments.

Are Consequences Punishment?

Natural consequences sound like a good idea – and can be wonderful – but often when we, as parents, get involved in issuing consequences they can get skewed and become a punishment. We talk about the differences between natural consequences and the leap it can take to handle them calmly and consequences that become punishments and why they aren't as helpful.

Join us as Elle and Abigail delve into their own choices around consequences and how they discovered what worked and what didn't!

Covered on the podcast this week:

  • How do well-meaning consequences turn into punishments?
  • Using consequences that partner with your child
  • Deciding when we need to set a limit on behaviors and not allow the consequence
  • How can we make our parenting peace with actual natural consequences?

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