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Two Ways To Conquer Separation Anxiety

Changes in routine or surroundings often trigger separation anxiety, and as parents, we often see it play out at daycare or school drop-off. And it's really no secret why. We rush to get out on time, we have our never-ending running to-do list chattering, and on top of that we see other children run off happily to meet friends while our own tearful child clings to our legs crying, and all in front of the teacher.

No wonder Elle says that even the words “separation anxiety” have her breaking out in a cold sweat.

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It's also the reason we wanted to make Separation Anxiety our focus on the podcast this week. Abigail and Elle explore how to use Hand in Hand's Parenting tools to ease separation stress. And we talk about two tools that have had helped bring profound changes for kids with fears about separation.

Listen to Two Ways To Conquer Separation Anxiety and get support for when:

  1. Your child clings to you when it's time to leave and frequently resists new things
  2. You are confused what to when separation anxiety hits
  3. You are losing patience with the crying
  4. You've ever had a hard time saying goodbye to your own child

Number 4 is crucial to understanding how separation feels for you and why that might be – as Elle recently discovered.

We'll also be talking about the not so obvious ways that the stress of separation and fear can show up in other areas.

Listen in now, for some immediately actionable tools you can use to conquer separation anxiety in your family today.

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