A Surprisingly Simple Tool You Can Use to Deal With Difficult Family Members

The holiday season is rolling around fast. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Years these festive times exist to bring family together. And while the holidays can be fun and merry events, for many of us they bring added stress to the package.

Dealing with difficult family members can feel disagreeable at best, disruptive at worst.


…you can’t stand the way your mom nags and picks.

…she can’t stand the way your kids won’t eat their greens.

…you find your dad’s way of dealing with your children too harsh.

…he finds the way you deal with your kids too soft.

…Grandpa wants the kids to quieten down.

…Grandma wants grandpa to quieten down – and doesn’t hold back saying it.

Even families with the most well-meaning of intentions find that coming together requires extra thought, love and patience…and at this busy time of year, where do you get that?

So how can you enjoy your ‘time off’ around difficult family members?

Discover a Simple Tool That Can Help

What if we told you there was one simple thing you could do to ease the tension, melt the stress and invoke a warmer, lighter atmosphere?

Listen to the podcast today, and we’ll show you how changing the way we respond to the triggering behaviors that family dish out will bring transformations sweeter than even the best pumpkin pie.

When you respond this way, you’ll forgive more, appreciate more, you’ll laugh more and love more – and actually enjoy holidays with your family.

We all deserve that.

Listen to Dealing With Difficult Family Members

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