Setting Limits: The Hard No


You know about setting warm limits: Moving in calmly when you need to stop a behavior, but what happens when it feels like there is no chance to keep calm?

Like, your child is about to stick their finger in the power socket. Or dashes out across a busy street. Then how do you set a warm limit then?

On the podcast this week, we talk about the Hard No. And why no is hard! When no means no – and those times you aren’t even sure your no needs to be hard.

  • Discover how Abigail handles a hard – and fast – no when there is no doubt a quick, firm limit needs to be set.
  • How to evaluate if a no needs to be hard.
  • What happens when your no is hard and then you realise it doesn’t need to be.

Join us this week for Setting Limits: The Hard No, and figure out how to stay firm and keep cool.

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