Karen Wolfe, LMFT

Brain Science of Children’s Emotions (Replay)

Join Certified Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Karen Wolfe, LMFT and Shelley Macy, MA as they share how you can play your way to understand the science around your children’s emotions.

In this call replay, Karen and Shelley will introduce you to the Hand in Hand Parenting tool of Staylistening. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of what to do when a child you are working with refuses to cooperate or begins to meltdown, how to teach this tool to parents you work with, and the neuroscientific reasoning behind why it works.


Brief Introduction to the Brain (14:45 – 33:00)
Introduction to Using Listening Tools to Enhance Intelligence (41:00-47:00)
Q & A on Understanding Hand in Hand Parenting (50:30)

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Learn how to use the Hand in Hand Parenting tools in your own practice with our online Foundations Course for Healthcare Professionals and Educators. If near Oakland, CA, join Karen Wolfe, LMFT in her in-person Professionals Course.

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