Parenting coach runs online classes for thousands

This Parent Coach Helps Thousands of Parents Handle Quarantine With Kids

Lots this year has changed, but one thing has not: Parents need support raising their families. In fact, the strain of managing new habits around work, school and home has left more parents than ever exhausted, confused and looking for answers.

There is a clear need for parent coaches and advisors, but in 2020 a problem became reaching them.

For Megha Mawandia, a Hand in Hand Certified Instructor, parent coach, and founder of Triyoke, a Mumbai-based non-profit devoted to giving parents tools to connect with their kids, the answer was clear.

Get online.

She went big, contacting HR departments in large corporations and holding dial-in classes to their employees that reach thousands.

Find out how Megha pivoted her parent coaching once the pandemic hit. Look into the tools she teaches, which have been so revelatory for parents in these strained times, and find out how they help her manage her own work/life to balance while running classes and holding regular support calls.

Watch Reaching Parents and Giving Support in a Pandemic and you'll learn:

  • 2.00 – How the pandemic hit and the challenges parents faced
  • 5.00 – How Megha approached big corporations and got asked to provide multiple repeat sessions for parents
  • 7.00 – One huge takeaway Megha teaches parents that helps them see they are not failing, and gives them hope for parenting in challenging times.
  • 8.30 – The work-from-home strategy Megha gives parents that shows them how to calmly balance their work and the calls for attention from their children
  • 10.50 – What Megha does to help parents reduce the guilt they feel
  • 11.50 – Megha explains the “holy trinity” structure that parents can use everyday to solve common parenting struggles, including mealtime battles and create more harmonious bedtimes.
  • 15.15 – Why 2020 has revealed higher diagnoses of ADHD, autism and sensory issues
  • 17.15 – Learn how Megha uses the same tools she teaches to set limits on her time, helping her stay warm with her own children in quarantine, and still run classes and hold regular support groups for parents, without burning out.

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