How I Almost ‘Flunked’ Staylistening

I know that the best way for me to help her is by listening to her and staying as close as possible, but hearing all her stories brought back memories of my own experiences back in middle school. My memory of that time period was not very vivid and did not include many details, but the general feel of it all was a big YUK! Continue reading

Solving School Problems with Special Time

LISTEN IN as Parenting by Connection Trainer, Ravid Aisenman Abramsohn explains how she used Special Time to help her young daughter adjust to the demands of her new school experiences. From a Hand in Hand parent teleseminar on Starting School Well. … Continue reading

When Our Kids Show Us They “Get It”

By Ravid Aisenman Abrahmsohn I was reminded recently just how much children tell us when we listen – through good times and bad. One family in my Skill Building group has a five- year-old son and a four-month-old daughter. The … Continue reading

How Special Time Can Keep Kids Honest

As I was making the food, she came and sat on the counter right next to me and said, “I’m such a bad girl. There you are doing all those nice things for me, and I always act terribly, not even thanking you, and lying to you all the time…” Continue reading

Why Does Parenting Feel So Hard?

Surely not one of us reading this set out thinking that parenting would be a breeze? We hear about sleep deprivation from the moment we announce that we are becoming parents. We know they’ll be allowances. Even when we vow … Continue reading