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Philosophy, Approach, Tools Our Philosophy Humanity is elevated when parents and children grow naturally into leaders who are inspired to solve problems creatively, nurture cooperation, show others compassion, and build thriving communities. The global problems

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Kris Kohlmann

Hi, I’m Kris Kohlmann, I’m 46 (in 2024), and I’m the ND mom of two incredible ND kids (all of us are diagnosed with ADHD), a daughter, who is now 12, and a son, who

SEL-aligned back to school pack educators
Elle Kwan

Back To School Support Pack For Educators

The first day of school can be a source of great anxiety, with students and parents feeling anticipation and nerves. The tools and strategies in this Back to School Support Pack build a sense of

Happy boy on first say of school in post about back to school strategies for parents
Elle Kwan

Back To School Support Pack for Parents

Welcome to your back to school support pack. Cycle through all the information and activities included here and get all you need for your child to start the school year with confidence. 1. Guide to Separation

Hand in Hand Parenting

Meet The Preschool Teachers That Listen to Kids

Imagine you had a teacher that listened, really listened, when you were upset at school. In daycare and pre-school settings, there are many cries for many reasons. Children missing parents. Children that need the bathroom

Patty Wipfler

When Your Kids Will Do Anything to Get Attention

In many, if not most, families one child becomes a squeaky wheel. The child insists on being the focus of attention, and ensures his or her position with behavior designed to bring a parent’s attention

SEL-aligned back to school pack educators
Elle Kwan

Hand in Hand Five Tools Classes and Programs

Trauma-Informed Tools Bring Hand in Hand’s pioneering tools into your family, school or practice. Overcome challenging child behaviors, avoid burnout, and nurture strong, adult-child relationships in 8 weeks or less. Learn More A trauma-informed program

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