Staylistening – In Stereo

After about 10 minutes, my husband came in and said, ‘how do you know you’re not hurting them or making things worse?’ I had to shout over their wailing that we were on the right track and even predicted that, at the end of all this, one sister would genuinely give the toy to the other. Continue reading

Turning Goodbyes Into Good Fun

My oldest son, Hunter, was having a very hard time when his father left for work in the morning.  Each morning, he screamed, fought and threatened, trying to hold on to his dad, crying and pleading with him to keep him … Continue reading

Staylistening to get out the door

My six-year-old daughter often had difficulties with transitions, but it was difficult to predict when she might have an especially hard time. One morning, she, her nine-year-old brother, and I were doing just fine getting ready for school. However, when … Continue reading

Conquering the ABCs through Staylistening

One afternoon, as I returned from work, I found my 9-year-old son and his grandmother writing out the English alphabet with beautiful coloured pens in his English class notebook. They were about to finish, when his grandmother asked him to … Continue reading

The Powerful Healing Results of Staylistening

People were rushing over to offer first aid and ice. I said that we might need it later but that we were fine for now. Some of the people looked at me with disbelief and what I interpreted as negative judgment but I decided to focus on my son. I really wanted to try to listen & be present, as I had heard beautiful stories of how that could benefit the emotional & physical healing process. Continue reading

Staylistening and the Twinkle Bug

My husband was putting my daughter to sleep at bedtime when she realized she had left her lovey, “Twinkle Bug,” at her girlfriend’s house after a sleepover.  She started to freak out, screaming, “I cannot go to sleep without her! … Continue reading