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Communicate with parents like you

Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, Rachel Schofield

In our Yahoo email discussion group and our Facebook Parent Support Group Hand in Hand parents share support and ideas with one another. Hand in Hand moderates the group; The Yahoo group sends e-mails to your inbox, the Facebook Group will notify you of posts on Facebook.

Here’s how one member describes the group:

Can I just say that I’ve been on so many parenting websites, and the amount of support and genuine help people offer here has overwhelmed me. I’ve never known anything like it. So many portals feel judgmental and damaging, but here all I encounter is kindness, empathy, and support. And seriously helpful advice! I take my hat off to you all for the amazing online community you have all created and feel lucky to be a part of it.”

Michelle Kokel, Yahoo group moderator

Michelle Kokel, Yahoo group co-moderator

Find a Listening Partner within either the Yahoo email discussion group and the Facebook Discussion Group.

Archives of previous discussions
Look up past discussions on topics where Hand in Hand Parenting can help within our Yahoo email group.