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Can I just say that I've been on so many parenting websites, and the amount of support and genuine help people offer here has overwhelmed me. I've never known anything like it. So many portals feel judgmental and damaging, but here all I encounter is kindness, empathy, and support. And seriously helpful advice! I take my hat off to you all for the amazing online community you have all created and feel lucky to be a part of it.”

In our free Groups IO email discussion group and our free The Hand in Hand Parenting Community Group, Hand in Hand parents share support and ideas with one another. Hand in Hand Certified Instructors moderate the groups; The GroupsIO group sends e-mails to your inbox, the Facebook Group will notify you of posts on Facebook.

For our UK-based parents, we have a UK group just for you.  Get more local support and find Listening Partnerships in your own time zone.

We also have a group dedicated to the questions and situations unique to parents of tweens and older children.  Many of the Hand in Hand resources are oriented to younger children but with good thinking and experimenting, can easily be adapted to older children.  This group brings together parents who are experimenting and adapting, just like you.

For Spanish speaking parents and caregivers, we have Grupo de Apoyo Hand in Hand, a Spanish Language group available.

Our Parent Club is a membership program that includes access to classes, weekly emails, live support calls, and an active online support community and special message group for spontaneous Listening Time.

Posts seeking Listening Partners are welcome within all of these groups.

Meet the Moderators

Anna Cole: The Hand in Hand Community Group and the Hand in Hand Parenting UK Groups on Facebook
Rachel Schofield: The Hand in Hand Community Group on Facebook and The Hand in Hand Parenting Discussion Group on GroupsIO
Madeleine Winter: Hand in Hand Parenting for Preteens and Older Kids on Facebook
Marilupe de la Calle: Groupo de Apoyo Hand in Hand, a Spanish Language Group on Facebook
Maria Ignacia del Rio Silva: Groupo de Apoyo Hand in Hand, a Spanish Language Group on Facebook
Kathy Gordon: The Parent Club
Emily Murray: The Parent Club
Shaheen Merali: The Parent Club



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