Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Ali Tepper

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This deeply supportive 6-week course will help you understand your child’s emotions and behavior, predict challenging moments, and teach you new ways to respond that will transform the persistent difficulties from your life together.

Consistent with attachment research, brain, and nervous system science, you'll learn Hand in Hand's 5 unique but practical listening tools that will help you feel connected to your child in the way you’ve always wanted while finding real support to make these changes stick.

You'll better understand why you react the way you have been to your child, learn how to relieve your own stress and accelerate your personal growth to restore joy, peace, and connection into every area of your life.

We will come together once per week to receive in-person coaching and learn from each other’s experiences.

In addition to the digital course and group meeting, 1:1 support is available for more personalized support for an additional fee.

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