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The Holidays can bring joy and added stress. This 6 week online class is wrapped around the Holidays - 3 classes before and 3 class after the New Year - designed to help you experience more Holiday Joy. Then we'll welcome in 2021 with the Tools and Support to create a New Year of cooperation, connection, fun and peace.
Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructors and Regional Leads, Anna Cole and Liesl Orr, for an experiential 6-week online Hand in Hand Parent Starter Class. In this class, we'll learn and explore one new tool each week to develop, maintain and repair a strong connection between you and your child/ren. We'll learn five tools: The first tool is just for you – to get support to do the hard work of parenting. The four adult-to-child tools focus on building connection through play, laughter, and setting limits. We'll learn what drives your child’s offtrack behaviour and what to do about it from a connection-based and trauma-informed approach.
Parenting is full-on at the best of times. Throw in some tricky behaviour from our children, some triggers that really push our buttons, the exhaustion that comes with juggling earning a living and holding a household together, never mind a pandemic disrupting our coping mechanisms, and it might seem that being a good parent is asking too much! Separation anxiety, sleep trouble, toileting issues, picky eating, aggression, fears and anxiety, sibling rivalry, the list can seem endless. You are not alone in your struggles. For over 30 years Hand in Hand has been supporting parents when parenting gets hard. We teach 5 listening tools that can be instigated immediately and used in all parenting situations. Leading to deeper connections between parents and children, helping solve tricky behaviour, healing past hurts and trauma, developing resilience and confidence (for you and your children) and strengthening relationships for life.
In this teleseminar we invite you to explore how you can empower yourself and your children to respond to one another in a way that fosters connection and cooperation. Now more than ever, we all need a safe place at home to work though our challenges. Inside this safe space, we are in the best position to create the relationships we long for and to have a family life that nourishes us parents as much as our children. This free call is presented by Anca Deaconu (Germany) and Vera Braghiroli (UK)
Ready for a Parenting Upgrade? Wanting more support and to increase your confidence in handling any parenting challenge thrown your way? This 6-week introductory course to Hand in Hand Parenting could be exactly right for YOU! We know that parenting is hard. And parenting through a pandemic… is a whole other thing! While the worst of lockdown is hopefully behind us, transitioning to the next stages (including kids back at school) can bring fresh challenges.
Do your kids push your buttons? Do their tantrums drive you up the wall and send you into a meltdown? Would you like to know why this happens? Would you like to learn how to cope better both with your child and your self in these difficult moments? Come and find ways to make the difficult work of parenting a happier place.
Ai un bebe între 0 și 7 luni? Îți dorești să oferi bebelușului tău un atașament sigur? Vrei să afli cum poți să te conectezi cu copilul tău și cum această conectare îl ajută? Vrei să socializezi cu alte mămici? Vrei să ai parte de suportul necesar și să te simți mai încrezătoare? Atunci te așteptăm împreună cu bebelușul tău la acest curs de șase săptămâni, “Mami și bebe” ce are la bază abordarea Hand in Hand Parenting, o abordare blândă, bazată pe teoria atașamentului, care te ajută să întărești relația cu copilul tău.
Do you ever wish that your child had arrived with a ‘how to parent me’ manual? Are there sticky parenting issues that crop up again again and again? Or have you entered a whole new stage with new challenges that you’re not sure how to navigate? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re the only one dealing with challenges like this? For over 30 years, Hand in Hand Parenting has been supporting parents to understand their children's behaviour and build deeply connected relationships that last a lifetime. We know that every family is unique and that with sufficient support each parent can figure out what will work best in their specific situation.
"A life changing experience" says one mother of Madeleine's Hand in Hand Starter Class. Learn what drives your child's behaviour, and concrete, parent-tested tools to set limits and build closeness and connection in your family. Get Personalised Support to help you set limits, build co-operation, and get the fun back into family life.
These are challenging times for parents and care-givers! Get support and build skills for navigating difficulties peacefully, even playfully, while staying calmer and better-connected during the holidays. Receive weekly instruction, build community with other parents and gain five practical Hand in Hand tools you can use to create connection and build joy in your family.
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