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Éva Lőrincz

Eva became a Parenting by Connection Instructor in January 2018 and has two beautiful children. She co-leads a blended family and works as a social worker in child protection for SOS Children Villages, Hungary. However


There are a number of teleseminars available on the Hand in Hand website (a link is below). You can use these to learn more about particular topics and also to get a sense of how

When a Child Prefers One Parent

It took months to organise, but today you escaped for lunch with two old friends and left your kids with your partner. Secretly, you couldn’t be happier. Your youngest is going through a phase that

Alison Kemi

Alison is passionate about seeing the goodness in children and their parents, no matter how tough things seem to be, and supporting them to find what works for their own unique situation. Before becoming a parent, Alison had worked for over 10 years as a primary teacher and holds Post Graduate Certificates in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development and Physical Education. Connecting with children through play and listening to what is most important to them has opened up many opportunities for joy, fun and learning with family, friends and at school.  

Transcript: of Week 5 Videos

Class 5 Video 5-1: Emotional Projects (13:38)   Hand in Hand Presents: Building Emotional Understanding: Class 5: Segment 1: Emotional Projects   Hi, we are now in class 5 of the Building Emotional Understanding class

Transcript: of Week 4 Videos

Class 4 Video 4-1: A New Way to Think About Limits (6:38)   Hand in Hand Presents: Building Emotional Understanding: Class 4: Segment 1: A New Way to Think About Limits    Hi, we’re back.

Transcript: of Week 3 Videos

Class 3 Video 3-1: Why We Lose It (14:36)   Hand in Hand Presents: Building Emotional Understanding: Class 3: Segment 1: Why We Lose It   Welcome back. We’re in class 3 of Building Emotional

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