Why Is It So Hard To Stop Yelling?

Is your parent template set to “yell” and “lose it” - and how can you de-program these go-to reactions?

You might think Hand in Hand tools sound great – on paper.

In real life, getting present, being patient, and setting kind limits?

That can be really hard!

Research says that in tough moments parents often default to a sort of “response template” they absorbed growing up.

The thinking goes that if you got yelled at as a child, yelling is very hard to give up – especially in tense moments.

If your brother or sister was mean or hit you, you may find yourself losing it when you see your children repeating similar behaviors.

If your parents set no limits, attempting to set them with your kids can send you into overwhelm.

The truth is, childhood affects how you were parented. And this is why deprogramming what you picked up feels difficult.

This week Emily and Kathy share how Hand in Hand’s tool, Listening Partnerships helps parents break old patterns and responses.

This powerful one-to-one tool really helps identify triggers and overcome them. So you can respond how you want, even when your children’s behavior gets hard.

 Tune In To Hear:
  • How letting loose on your current frustrations about parenting or your child’s behavior clears it from your system so you can go back to your kids more playfully and with patience.
  • The “I Quit” exercise that blasts away overwhelm, parent guilt, or stress.
  • Using your own tantrums to shift old patterns and reactions.
    Why when you can catch default patterns and override them, you retrain your brain and create new go-to ways to respond.
  • Why standing up and forgiving yourself is so important when you want to stay calm around behavior, set limits, or hold space for your child’s feelings.
  • The secret powers of a safe space and “you are good,” thinking for shifting old hurts and current tensions, and how this helps you find the freedom to parent respectfully.
  • Discover why your child’s behavior can trigger your own sense of powerlessness so you lose it, and one tool you can use to change that reaction.
  • The three keys to a powerful Listening Partnership
why do parents find it so hard to stop yelling
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
Eps 12: Why is It So Hard To Stop Yelling?

One Small Thing…


Your parenting challenge this week is to stand up for yourself. Find a listening partner or someone who can listen without judgment and watch what bubbles to the surface when you tap into how it feels.


Mentioned In This Episode:

We want to be calm, to find patience, and stop yelling. But that goal can seem further away than getting our kids up, fed and out each morning. Read about a simple-to-use tool that helps parents survive struggles and overwhelm in parenting. Read One Simple Way to Soothe Stress and Parent More Patiently.

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