Reset Your Day With Roughhousing

Unplug & Play With Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen

In this episode, Emily and Kathy sit down with Dr. Lawrence J Cohen, a Nappa Gold -award winning author of Playful Parenting and a play therapist. Dr. Cohen is a strong advocate for physical play and roughhousing, and how it can positively impact children and adults. 

Dr. Cohen talks about how roughhousing can make your day so much better in just a few seconds, through shared laughter and connection. Plus, how it can help children build problem-solving skills, confidence, and work through anxiety and fear.

Listen in and hear how you can sprinkle in play through your day, and all feel a little lighter. 

 Tune In To Hear:
  • Game suggestions for beginners to roughhousing, like “Can’t Get Past Me,” and advice for  parents who find play hard. 
  • Slow-motion combat a game that is great for slowing down the nervous system and reconnecting.
  • Ideas for parents who are unable to get too physical (or just feel too pooped). 
  • Quick and playful connectors for tweens and teens
  •  And Missions – which helps kids confront fears  

How Roughousing Can Reset Your Day

The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
The Hand in Hand Parent Club Podcast
Reset Your Day With Roughhousing

One Small Thing…


This week Lawrence Cohen challenges you all to play the sock game! “Its fun with two, more fun with three and wild with five,” he says. And is guaranteed fun. Happy playing!


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