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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

You may have heard about how your tenacious, persistent, negotiating go-getter is developing the skills he or she needs to be a great leader in the future, but daily parenting a strong-willed child can feel like an uphill battle. All those constant requests, desires, energy and power play is a lot! This week Abigail and

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The Most Important Question To Ask When Your Child’s Behavior Gets Hard

Did you ever think you got this parenting thing figured out only to find your child brings home some new parenting challenge? Maybe they start shouting potty words at you, seemingly from nowhere? Maybe they start throwing punches when normally they’d been fairly calm? Or maybe things simple things that you ask them do suddenly

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Laughing Our Way to Daycare

My 2.5 year old son had just transitioned to a new daycare. He had been there three days, and he had done very well with the transition. He was asking excitement in the morning to go to see his new friends at his new daycare. The teachers reported that he was playing well with the

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