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How Hand in Hand Turned Our Family Around

 Mom Elene Johas Teener tells us how Hand in Hand Parenting helped her meet her two aggressive sons. “Being an older parent with a fully developed career, I have experienced high pressure and stress situations. One of the most challenging jobs I had was being in charge of part of a county mental health program.

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Why I Let My Child Hit During Her Upsets

“My daughter, who is seven, always wanted to sleep in my bed. She went through a period of crying every night about sleeping alone. I listened to her cry each time, hoping it was doing some good, but I saw little relief or change. “One night, however, she became very mad and started trying to

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Curb Off-track Behavior with A Secret Ninja Parenting Tool

This week on the podcast Abigail introduces a counter-intuitive ninja parenting tool! We talk about what offtrack behavior looks like early on, what it signals, and introduce a tool that helps when reasoning and requests don’t. Both hosts talk about the times they’ve used this tool with successful outcomes, even though it feels completely counter-intuitive at first.

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Help School Troubles Using These Tools at Home

  Dear Hand in Hand, My child is having serious aggression issues at school. She’s been acting out a lot. Her teachers tell me she throws tantrums and she cries loudly when she gets told off. I’m not sure how to respond – to the teachers or my daughter! I want a good school experience

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Step-by-Step Approach to Intervening in an Aggressive Situation

In part one of this series we shared the insight behind why your child becomes aggressive. Now, Patty outlines the steps you can take to intervene right away. This approach works when your child is aggressive with friends, siblings, or even other adults. A Step by Step Approach to Help A Child’s Aggressive Behaviors Was this clip helpful

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My Child Is Aggressive – What Should I Do?

  How Can I Handle My Child’s Aggressive Behaviors? None of the suggestions in this video with Patty Wipfler include controlling, forcing, or punishing your child. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Watch the video below and you’ll finally have that road map you always wanted for calmer parenting – even in intense moments. The

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