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Five Ways to Help Kids That Hit, Kick, or Bite

  Sooner or later, almost every child gets carried away by strong emotions. For some children, it’s an everyday occurrence. We parents can get carried away ourselves, especially when we have one or more children

A Playful Way to Stop Biting and Pinching

a guest post from Stephanie Parker When my daughter was three she started pinching and biting me. I was pretty shocked as she’d never done anything like that before. I tried setting a limit and

Playing Away My Son’s Aggressive Behaviour

I had to keep a very close watch on my son, and be able to move in fast to protect myself or my daughter when he decided to have a swipe! But as the time went on, these incidents were fewer, and he was laughing more, and including his sister more in the games we were playing. I could sense we were all feeling very close.

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