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Connection over the holidays

18 Sanity-Saving Tips To Keep Connected Over the Holidays

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? Unfortunately, probably not. That is, if you are shoulder-high in festive planning and your children are fighting over the last gingerbread. Here’s 18 sanity-saving tips for tackling those holiday stresses, so that you can keep your calm, feel resourced and enjoy the winter season. 1. Play Out Excitements If the

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This is Why You Lose it With Your Kids

Have you ever lost it with your child over something and not understood why? Why your son’s clinginess on a playdate drives you crazy? Why you snap if you see your oldest daughter hit your youngest? Why your blood races when your baby won’t stop crying? Despite your best intentions to keep calm and understanding,

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Connected Parenting Approach Reaches Across the Divides

How do I control my angry child? Why won’t my baby sleep? What should I do about toddler tantrums? How do I build a strong bond with my tween? Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, it takes a village. But today, most of us are raising children in isolation. Parenting today can feel very lonely.

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Five Truths Every New Parent Should Know

No matter how many books you read, how many people you talk to, holding your new baby in your arms is a life-changing moment. Depending on the birth experience you have, you may be elated or you may be exhausted. You may crest highs you’ve never known, or you may feel bleaker than the darkest

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A No-Fuss Way to Set Limits on Screen Time

My four-year-old son LOVES garbage trucks. He is obsessed with them, and not just the trucks. He loves everything to do with garbage disposal: garbage cans, recycling, compost, trips to the landfill, and the garbage itself. He sorts all of our trash and puts our cans on the curb. He wakes up an hour early

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What is a Listen Book Club? Tools, Clubs and Classes at Hand in Hand

Dear Hand in Hand Parenting I read Patty and Tosha’s book LISTEN recently and found it really useful. I’ve been trying out some of the tools at home and have seen some big differences. My son loves special time, and is much more content now that we are in the regular habit of spending this time

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