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The challenges we face as parents of older children are different than when our child was three or four, and sometimes it feels like we’ve entered a new county—a place we’ve never been before.

Keeping Close

But staying close to them is more important than ever.  Because we are often the ones that our children want the most when times get tough, but their surly attitude and push/pull behavior is confusing and can trigger us easily.

That’s why we’re here. Because Hand in Hand Parenting has something to offer parents of older children.  We can’t wait to share more resources and information with you and support you along this journey.

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Julie Johnson and Madeleine Winter, Hand in Hand Instructors (and parents of tweens!)

Madeleine Winter and Julie Johnson
Happy mom and tween son
Our new class is self-guided and shares many more easy-to-implement strategies for
Raising Happier Tweens.
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