Learn Five Tools That Will Transform The Way You Parent In One Week


Discover Hand in Hand's approach and an introduction to the Five Tools for calmer, connected parenting in Days 1-6 and then see how the tools work for real-life families on Days 7 and 8.

Day 1: Five Tools To Transform Your Parenting
Day 2: Special Time: Building Connection in Minutes
Day 3: Three Steps to Setting Limits
Day 4: Staylistening: How Does Crying Help You and Your Child?
Day 5: What is Playlistening?
Day 6: What is a Listening Partnership and Why Do I Need One?

How the Tools Work in Real Life

Day 7: “What now?!” Five Types of Bad Behavior and Why They Happen
Day 8: Are Secret Fears Driving Your Child's Aggression?

Bonus! Listen to Listen! Listen is now out on audio, and you can get a sample of how great it sounds here: Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges on Audio

Launch postsIf you want to hear what your child is really saying when he cries, whines, hits or tantrums, you'll find the full rundown to the tools and 100s of real-life examples in the book, available now. Order it today!

Here's what people are saying about the book:

“Patty Wipfler is quietly revolutionizing parenting by explaining emotions so that parents not only understand their child's behavior, but know exactly how to support their child to transform that behavior.” – Dr. Laura Markham, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

The Hand-in-Hand approach empowers us to become our best, finding support in others and exploring the important ways we can be secure attachment figures that nurture self-regulation, resilience, and compassion in our children.” – Dr. Dan Siegel, The Whole-Brain Child

The Hand In Hand Parenting tools shared in this book radically shifted my parenting paradigm 9 years ago and later were a huge support as we navigated the rough waters of divorce and family transition. – Karen Murphy, Whole Family EFT

Weekly parenting support on the Hand in Hand Podcast: Listen to Handling Parenting Stress: Why You Can't Give What You Didn't Have

Get daily support, tools and community in the Hand in Hand Parent Club.

Get Listen in your favourite bookstore, or online in paperbackebook or audio.

Listen by Patty Wpfler

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