9 Steps to Beat Boredom With Connection [INFOGRAPHIC]

What happens to you when your child announces¬†“I’m bored?” Despite research telling us that boredom is actually good for children – it can help foster creativity and independence – most of us try to rush into a solution when we hear those words.

Boredom strikes when children become unstuck in their play. Perhaps they are used to regularly scheduled classes or activities and not used to unstructured time. It could be they’ve become reliant on screentime, or plans for that day have suddenly changed. The result is the same: They are missing connection to keep them routed and feeling capable in themselves.

The Best Way Out of Boredom is You

Chances are, if you suggest whatever you think might be fun, you are met by disapproval. But what if we made space for a child to feel those feelings of boredom and express them openly? An empathetic response like this brings back lost connection that will guide a child through boredom, back to fun and contented play.

To do this, you do not need to offer suggestions – at least not straightaway – but you do need to offer yourself and your time.

9 Ways To Work Through Boredom

These 9 steps busts through boredom using connection tools that respond well to your child’s needs calmly in the moment. These tools have a dual benefit of moving a child through boredom and strengthening your bond.
9 connecting ways to help you move through boredom with your child

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