Bedtime: Handling “Go To Bed” Battles

Teeth-brushing, clothes changing and bath time refusals, followed by endless requests for drinks, food, and “one more story.” Yes, this week Elle and Abigail are talking sleep… or why kids don't want to!

Abigail admits to her own bedtime battles. She got so tangled up in her kids “needing to sleep,” that she lost it time and time again when they refused until she reframed their pleas.

Tools for a Bedtime Transition

The two moms share tools parents can use to overcome these challenges, including Elle's current favorite, “The Squishes,” before talking about handling that tug most of us get: Wanting our “own” time at night, as our kids ramp up desire to be with us.

How to Turn Bedtime Battles into A Time for Connection

Listen to the podcast and find out

  • How to lean-in to bedtime even when you are busy
  • How to interpret what your child is saying when he says “I won't go to bed”
  • Fun ways to connect at bedtime

Download a bedtime games cheat sheet to help you all laugh away the tensions of the day before dream time.

If you want to read up on some fun ways to play at bedtime read The Benefits of Laughter at Bedtime

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